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Australia's Rocketman

When it comes to performing the music and having the look of Sir Elton John, there are few that embody the presence and uncanny likeness quite like Greg Andrew. He owns the stage, channels the music, and has audiences believing it could really be the man himself! With his virtuosic piano playing, combined with his vocal timbre, it is no surprise that Greg is internationally recognised as one of the best Elton John tribute artists in the world.

The Elton John Experience is known for paying homage to the great music of Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin. They have performed a hugely successful run of shows, both in Australia and overseas with performances in over 30 countries and to a collective audience of over 500 000 people.

“I feel that the music Sir Elton John & Bernie Taupin have written together over the course of 50 years in many ways, has been like growing up with a life long friend, who has been there all the way! It is incredible to think that they have written so many songs together that are timeless and multi generational. I see with audiences, there are grand parents, parents and young adults who come and enjoy the show. Even though the 70’s was an incredibly creative time for Sir Elton & Bernie, 20 years later, there were kids growing up with The Lion King soundtrack,” says Greg. “In this show, there’s something for everyone. I would call this a celebration of Sir Elton John and his music, and his incredible legacy that is the Rocketman.”

The Elton John Experience is widely reputed as one of the best Elton John tribute bands globally and Greg Andrew is regarded as one of the best in the world at his craft. In 2017, Greg Andrew became the first and only Elton John tribute artist worldwide to be invited to perform at the biggest and most prestigious tribute artist festival in the world, called TRIBFEST UK, held annually in Yorkshire, England.

Channeling the music of Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin, who have inspired Greg from the beginning, along side his 6 piece band who are world class, this show is one of the most authentic reproductions of an Elton John concert you will see.

“For Greg Andrew, it was the song, Your Song that first impacted him and inspired his love of Elton. “The beautiful piano melody I can remember learning when I was a kid,” says Greg. “As a young kid learning classical piano and then going on to the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, there are certain parallels you could say with Sir Elton. It is an incredible honour and privilege to perform these iconic songs, and have the audiences react the way they do.”

The Elton John Experience will feature hit after hit from Elton’s back catalogue. With tracks such as I’m Still Standing, Saturday Nights Alright For Fightin’, Candle In The Wind, Daniel, Honky Cat, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me and Crocodile Rock to name a few, it will be a spectacular evening from start to finish. Greg Andrew and the Elton John Experience band look forward to exchanging that love and energy of Sir Elton John with audiences. “This show and these songs will give you the ultimate Elton John Experience,” says Greg.

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10 June, 2023 - SOPO, Southport, Gold Coast. QLD.

Elton John Experience

The Band

Greg Andrew

Piano, Vocals

Greg Andrew started playing classical piano at the age of 11. He quickly advanced through the grades which led him to being accepted for tertiary study at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music where he graduated in 1989.

Over the next 20 years, Greg built a professional career in the music industry, traveling extensively throughout Australia, performing as a piano vocalist entertainer in many of the premier hotels, resorts and casinos.

In addition to Greg's virtuosic piano playing and vocal timbre, he has always been "referenced" to as Elton by the public all his career because of his uncanny natural resemblance to Sir Elton John. In 2010 The Elton John Experience was born and Greg now tours the show internationally and has earnt the reputation as one of the BEST ELTON JOHN TRIBUTES IN THE WORLD.

Davey Keresztes

Lead Guitar, Vocals

David has been playing guitar for 30 Years in bands and Duos and has played both nationally and internationally.

David runs his own music school and teaches guitar, bass and ukulele.

David is also a session recording artist. David’s obvious passion for guitar and performance has led him to win the Mon Komo battle of the bands in 2014 and has landed him endorsements from both Elixir strings and Dava Picks.

Our own "Davey" has been influenced by Davey Johnstone, from guitar choice to tonal variations, and prides himself on recapturing the essence of the song. His onstage look has concert goers comenting that he even looks like "Davey" onstage. Davey has been performing with The Elton John Experience since 2013.

TJ Base

Bass Guitar, Vocals

TJ’s musical career commenced at the age of 12 when he began playing guitar. However, by the time he reached 16 years of age, he developed a passion for the bass. This resulted in 30 plus enjoyable years as a bass player/-backing vocalist.

His talent and dedication have taken him in many different directions, from teaching and recording to working alongside many talented artists such as The Eurhythmics – Jenny Morris- 1927- Mental as Anything- The Church- The Divinyls, Johnny Diesel and Deni Hines to name a few.

TJ is currently performing with Australian and internationally acclaimed acts, and has been performing with The Elton John Experience as our "Matt Bisonette" since 2015.

Daniel Gibney

Drums, Vocals

Daniel has been playing drums and percussion for over 20 years.

He has balanced live performance with a successful drum teaching career. Daniel understands the role of a drummer is to provide a solid foundation for the rest of the ensemble to build upon.

Having built his reputation as a drummer that “plays for the song”, Daniel has covered a wide variety of genres and settings in his drumming career. From pop music to jazz, he has been in demand for many years with international theatre productions which has allowed him to perform both nationally and internationally.

He has been a long time fan of Nigel Olsen's drumming and brings his passion and perfection to his performance to drive the songs as authentically as possible.

Daniel and has been performing with The Elton John Experience since 2012.

Ariana Beazley


Ariana is a soulful and talented performer who leaves her audiences filled with a sense of wonder and happiness.

Music and vocals are taken to a new level, with a depth of extreme harmony and content. Ari has been a successful performer for many years performing in cultural shows on the international circuit and recently has popularity on the RNB scene around Brisbane.

Ari has worked with an array of professional and local talents and also frequents the stage as a lead herself. With strains of a Soul Train, an infusion of Jazz, and a spiciness of rhythm, no matter where she performs Ari picks up new fans where ever she goes.

With a melting pot of talent from harmonies to lead vocals, Ari is definitely a voice you want to hear more of. So consume your senses with Ari, you’ll be more than pleased that you did!

Ari has been performing with The Elton John Experience since 2017.

Cleon Barraclough

Keyboards, Vocals

Cleon started keyboard at a young age and has built a professional career in performance and composition.

Cleon possesses a natural ability to internalise his musical surroundings which included intense listening and study of some of the greats of jazz piano including, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Oscar Peterson, Errol Garner, Art Tatum, Herbie Hancock, Michel Camilo and Gonzales Rubalcaba.

Now widely regarded as one of Brisbane’s most diverse performers, composers, arrangers and musical directors, Cleon is proficient in various styles of contemporary music including, Jazz, Latin, pop, funk, soul, r ’n’ b, Mowtown and hip hop.

Cleon’s professional career has seen him perform in countless venues throughout Australia and his Latin and Classical training brings to his jazz performances and compositions a unique pot purée of textures and tones.

Cleon has performing with The Elton John Experience since 2018.

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